Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Purchase History, A Year In Review

One of my favorite bloggers, Dead Fleurette, in one of her last blog posts before she closed up shop, reviewed her hit and miss clothing purchases throughout the year. Since I've been through quite a few purchases this year - I thought it would be really great to go through what I did and didn't like about 2015's purchase history.

To start, I would like to note that I purchased a lot this year - so much that I feel a little sick thinking about it. I'm not going to post every item I have purchased because I'm not sure I can remember purchases made from January of last year. 

I want to break down the things I have noticed in the pieces that didn't work well for me can all be categorized in either one or more of the following: 

1. I brand-whored. I could definitely use another word for that, but I find that's the simplest way to get my point across. Whether it was something more affordable like Madewell, or even my go-to brand A.P.C, I found that certain pieces just didn't work very well with my wardrobe. From Madewell, the purchase I probably regret the most is the Billie boots in English Saddle. They were too preppy for me, though I liked the idea of them - I wanted something similar to the Rachel Comey ones that I was considering buying - in the end, I sold them and I'm glad I never purchased the Rachel Comey ones in the tan color. From A.P.C. the piece I regret purchasing is the Cowboy boots in the beige suede. Online, these boots looked more white in tone than yellow and while I was disappointed when I received them, I tried to make them work but unfortunately, I'm going to sell those too. They're also a half size too big. 

2. I have to many different style personalities that I want to try out and it just didn't work. Like the Madewell Billie Boots mentioned earlier, I wanted something very Rachel Comey and I was really into her pieces. While I could've made a purchase from her collection with careful consideration of what would work well with my wardrobe, I instead went for a piece that was similar (never again) and with a color that I thought would pair well with clothes I didn't already have. 

3. I didn't take the pieces well into consideration/didn't know how to(?).  The above two reasons can also fall under this category. 

On the other hand, the pieces that did work for me...

1.  Complimented the existing color palette of my wardrobe
2. Were non-complicated pieces that could be worn everyday.

The main thing I need to consider when making purchases for 2016 is how these pieces work with my wardrobe that I already have, part of the reason that I feel that I've made such terrible purchases this past year is that I don't have an idea of whats in my wardrobe already. This is probably due to the lack of organization in my wardrobe. I need to reconfigure how I set up the pieces so that I can wear them more often and have an understanding of what my wardrobe needs, rather than what I want.

My new years resolution is to consume less of what doesn't benefit or better me. Though, this is nothing entirely knew and something I have been really working on for already a good two months or so. As general as it is,  I do find myself wanting to cleanse each time the new year approaches. 

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