Tuesday, October 21, 2014


As someone who was franticly searching for reviews on Glossier's products, I thought I would take a leap and make a post.

I feel the most appropriate (and helpful) element to include in a review is to understand the reviewer's skin background.
I got off a 5 month treatment of Accutane in early August. Since, I've been recovering from my acne scars (read: lots of redness). I've had a hick up hear and there with acne since my treatment ended, but luckily I've been able to treat them early and they go away a lot quicker then pre-Accutane skin.

My skin is very sensitive, it reacts to products quickly. It's on the normal side in terms of oil production (thank you, Accutane!). When I first heard about Glossier, I wasn't looking for any new products. After a failed attempt with Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer, I was happy using just my go-to products: Maybelline FIT concealer, BareMinerals foundation, and a coat of mascara. However, the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint claims caught my attention and that was it for me. I wanted it. Non-comodegenic? Hypo-allergenic? Paraben, alcohol, and fragrance free? Are you serious?! I ordered right away and mentally cursed the good people over at Glossier for knowing how to get me to give in.

The next day, I found myself on their website and concerned about the redness on my cheeks and the expectant sheerness of the makeup. I felt I had just bought makeup again for a version of myself in the distant future. So instead of canceling my order, I decided to purchase the primer as well and try it out.

Then it came, like a shining (albeit, trendy) beacon of hope. I felt cool, it was worthy of an Instagram post -- and I never post. Packaging aside, the product itself felt as lightweight as the YSL Touche E'Clat foundation that I've always wanted to try. It's as sheer as I expected it to be. Seriously. But the idea is to let your skin breath while still adhering to some cover up, right?

The Perfecting Skin Tint works best with the primer. It's moisturizing but doesn't feel oily at all. I haven't seen any improvements with my redness but I will let it slide just because it's a great makeup base. 

While I use the primer everyday, I'm only using my the Perfecting Skin Tint for weekends. I'm not entirely comfortable going out with a bare look every day just yet. 

Ideally, Glossier is best for someone who already has decent skin and whose primary make up concern is discoloration or evening out the skin tone. 

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