Saturday, December 31, 2016

Aesop's Approach: Decluttering and Minimizing Skincare and Makeup Products

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that I would never be able to maintain a capsule wardrobe. However, with the philosophy of Aesop in mind, I'm attempting to declutter my top shelf of skincare and makeup items. 

I am a bit of a skincare hoarder. I have plenty of masking products, backup products and I stock up on products I know I move quickly through. The same goes for makeup, especially lip products. I have a lot but I have been working on reducing that amount. So far, I think I've done well. I'm attempting to move through the supplies I still have before purchasing anything new. And if for any of the products that I do run out of, I'm looking to Aesop to fill that product shaped hole. 

Aesop has always garnered my attention. I love everything the company stands for - an affinity for good design, quality, and the arts. Though, I've always hesitated because of the price tag - could it really be worth it? In this blog post, I investigate just that. In doing so, I've decided to change up my beauty routine and primarily delve into Aesop products. 

Aesop has a three-step approach to skincare; cleanse, tone, and moisturize. This was very attractive to me, not only because this is a routine I already practice, but that it meant there wouldn't be a superfluous amount of products to choose from that can sometimes be overwhelming and gimmicky. 

Disclaimer: I would like to note that Aesop's products are very prescriptive and seasonality is taken into consideration. What works for me might not work for you, I highly recommend going to an Aesop store and receiving help from one of the consultants. They know the products very well! 

*My skin type can be described as sensitive and blemish-prone, oily all over in the warmer and temperate months and dehydrated/normal/combination in the winter months. 


I begin by using Bioderma's Micellar Cleansing Water. The Aesop equivalent is the Remove oil, while I have tested and liked the product, I have held off on purchasing the product as I still have a few large bottles of Bioderma left. To note, The Remove oil isn't a micellar cleanser but works to dissolve the makeup on the skin. For whatever reason, I don't like the feeling of the oil and I'd rather use the micellar water because it doesn't leave the feeling of a residue on the skin. 

I then move on to a gentle cleanser. I'm finishing up my Eucerin Redness Relief Cleanser that I have repurchased time and again. It's really an amazing drug store product. My friend also gifted me Shiseido's Ibuki Gentle Cleanser that I have yet to try out. However, my skin has been acting up recently and I'm thinking that for fall and winter, I will need something a little more heavy duty. 

Since finishing the Eucerin Cleanser, I have been using Fabulous Face Cleanser in the fall and moved into the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Cleanser. The Parsley Seed Cleanser is perfect for a little bit of gentle daily exfoliation. It has lactic acid that helps to leave your face feeling squeaky clean. I still use the Bioderma Micellar Water as I am a big fan of double-cleansing and I do see a difference when I don't use the micellar water.  


I've been using Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner for a few years now, I can't say that it's improved my skin or really helped with anything but I love the sensation on my skin when I apply it. Since switching over to an Aesop toner, I have found a major improvement in my skin's tone and oil production. I find it is necessary to use a toner if you have an imbalance of oil production across the face or oily skin altogether. The B & Tea Toner is very calming and lightly hydrating. I find my moisturizer goes on better as a result. This is, by far, my favorite step of the skin care routine. 


This is where I've had some trouble in finding what kind of moisturizer I like. I've tried a range of oils, gels, and creams. I've found that for winter, I definitely need something heavy for night time. I've been switching between Aloe Vera (straight from the plant), Andalou Naturals Probiotic + C Cream, and Chanel La Solution 10. With the Aloe Vera, I add in a drop of Fabulous Face Oil from Aesop for extra hydration. I do like the Aloe Vera but I don't like that it spoils so quickly and the residue it leaves on the face. I would like to find an alternative, but preferably one that isn't just a bottle from the drugstore. 

I started this fall by using the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum when the days were still hot and well over 80 degrees. However, as it is progressively getting colder, I've been using a combination of Dr. Jart's Ceramidin Serum to start with and then following up with a combination of either the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator, Fabulous Face Oil and the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Cream. 

Additionally, I use the Elemental Facial Barrier Cream only during the day, when it is particularly cold and windy outside. It's a very thick cream that isn't normally suited for my combination skin and is best to protect the skin from harsh winter weather. 


The simplicity and the garner of high quality products from Aesop has improved my overall complexion so much that I have stopped wearing face make up. My routine for make up is simplified as possible, I use a Bobbi Brown under eye color corrector and then followed up with my Maybelline FitMe concealer. My eyebrows are lightly filled in with my L'oreal Brow Stylist and then I curl my lashes and follow up with a Volume de Chanel mascara. Truly simply. My lip care routine is moisturize with my carmex lip balm and then followed up with whichever lip color I gravitate towards that day. My skin looks great and even when I do get hormonal blemishes, I still don't feel the need to cover it up. 

I know the best result is when others notice the improvement as well. Those closest to me have commented on my skin and even strangers every now and then. It's really wonderful to hear that after my teenage acne struggles, I have come such a long way with my skin. I will continue using Aesop products as they not only look and smell divine, but they are effective too. 

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